Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Four Christmas's (Part 2)

Christmas At My Mom's We had Christmas lunch at mom's (that looked more like a dinner) and after we all stuffed ourselves we opened gifts. Talk about craziness! Everyone had a blast (even the babies, I mean little girls). As the girls grow it is so fun too see all of their personalities shine through and how each of them are so different. As our family grows houses feel smaller, budgets are tighter and our hearts seem to grow. With each new addition our hearts expand to love them (or maybe deep down we knew they were coming so a place for them was already saved).
The girls playing Ring Around the Rosie (Karly's new favorite game).

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Clare said...

Fiona and Karly would get along great, she loves ring around the rosey (except you say ring around the rosey, and you're lucky if she hasn't already done the fall down part).
Glad you guys made it safely the roads were awful!