Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Four Christmas's (Part 3)

Christmas At My Dad's
Around 3:30 we loaded up our kiddos and kissed our momma goodbye because it was time to hit the road so we could make it to Christmas at my Dad's house on time. When we got there our cousins (Jeff and Scott) and grandparents (GiGi & Papa Jim) were already there waiting on the party people to arrive! After dinner it was time to unwrap the gifts. I love my family! As much as they drive me crazy at times, I am very thankful that I have each and everyone of them.

P.S. I was bad and forgot to take pictures (sorry guys) but I did get this video of the three older girls singing. Enjoy!

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Clare said...

Oh my, cute singing. I love the swaying and the increase in volume as the song goes on!