Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paisley's Day

Happy Birthday Paisley! **(UPDATE 1/21/2010: The video is working now!)**

Today you turn four years old and for some reason I am still surprised at how much you have grown. I guess the joy of being your mommy is getting to keep you as young as I want to in my mind while I watch you grow in front of my eyes. This year I am starting off your day of celebration with a little slide show of you. Most of the pictures are from this past year but I have added a few baby pictures just for fun. I love you sooo much and hope you enjoy your day!

(The slide show is not working right now but check back later)


Clare said...

I love the video, even though you can't see it on the blog right now (I'm glad I got a sneak peek). That song makes me cry and those pictures of your "baby" growing up!
Happy Birthday Paisley!! Hopefully Fiona and I will be able to call and tell her happy b-day later tonight.

Val Russell said...

How cute! Great video!! =)

Katina said...

That was such a sweet video and song. Perfect job once again :)