Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Turning 4 Is Fun!

Today you are four,
bigger and brighter than ever before-
so put on a happy grin,
and let the fun begin!
I would like to say that I was clever enough to come up with that cute little saying all on my own but I didn't. I borrowed it from a super cute card Paisley got today from her Grandma Marolyn.

Paisley's morning started out like any other morning. I woke her up at 7:10, the only difference this morning was me adding the Happy Birthday song to my 'Good morning routine' and she was all smiles! After she got dressed she was off to the kitchen for her breakfast where chocolate donuts with candles and gifts were waiting for her.

While eating her breakfast she got her first birthday call of the day (Nana & Papa Bob). She was a little confused at first because mornings are not her thing.

She even got to open two of her gifts (a new book and a game for her Leapster) before going to daycare.

Paisley brought donuts to share with her friends and all the kids were so excited to see the donuts they kept asking if they could hold the bag. It was so funny, like little vultures.

Before dinner Paisley got to open her other two gifts (a Number & Counting learning card game and another game for her Leapster).

Then it was off to dinner. We went to a buffet where she was able to fill up on ALL of her favorites (shrimp, nachos, chicken nuggets, pizza, mashed potatoes, ice cream and brownies).

After dinner Paisley received the rest of her birthday well wishes. Don't be fooled by this picture, she really did like all of the phone calls just for her!

And this is what our new little four year old looked like about 10 minutes after getting into bed! I think that she enjoyed her special day.


Katina said...

You're such a great mom!

Mrs. Grey House said...

What a fun day for her! I love that you did so many great things to make her feel special! Too cute. A+ mom, for sure. :)

Margaret said...

I'm glad Miss Paisley had such a fabulous Birthday! And I agree with Steph & Katina, you are an A+ Mom for sure!!