Friday, February 26, 2010

Our Week Without The Daddy Man

First of all I would like to thank everyone (family & friends) for your help while Toby was out of town. It is so nice to know that we have people willing to help out when we are in a pinch!

Our week started out a little rocky. For starters on Sunday I broke my laptop screen. I was working on the blog when our house phone rang, so put my laptop on my nightstand and got out of the rocking chair I was sitting in. As my booty left the chair it started to rock (the chair not my booty) and knocked my laptop off the nightstand and right to the floor on it's side.

My screen now looks like this. The bottom right corner looks like a chunk is missing and it now has very colorful lines going across the bottom and right hand side of the screen. YEAH for my fun new look laptop look, just kidding it's kind of is driving me crazy!

Monday started out with good news; I called my OB and they gave me a few more instructions to follow before my next appointment but felt comfortable waiting to see me until my next appointment on March 5th. While we were on the phone they told me that my glucose test results came back normal and they faxed a note to work so I can ware tennis shoes until little man is here (they want to make sure I am safe). So that helped make me feel much better about things. I had a little bit of trouble at work with my wrist swelling so I spend half the day with my arm propped up on a mail tub with ice on it. I will have to say that I am getting pretty good at typing with one hand.

On Tuesday my wrist was still giving me trouble and Paisley asked me that night "Mommy when is your arm going to get better because you are no fun and I really want to do fun activities or craft projects with you again." To answer Paisley's prayer for more fun, my mom showed up on my door steps at 11:00pm that night.

Paisley woke up to a great surprise, her Nana was sitting on her floor waiting for her to get out of bed. When Paisley saw her she was so surprised she almost wet her PJ's! Mom kept Paisley home from daycare so they could spend the day together. They ran errands, visited an art gallery here in town, took a nap and had dinner ready when I got home from work. Mom also made dinner for us to eat on Thursday or Friday (I think that she felt bad that poor little Paisley was getting so much processed food for dinner because I was only making easy dinners for the week, A.K.A something frozen or from a can.) After dinner we made a picture for Paisley and Ryder's room. (It's cute but I'm not sure it will stay. I think that we will paint another one with polka dots to match the bedding and see what one we like better.) While the paint was drying Paisley talked mom into playing Wii tennis with her. I wish that I would have gotten a video of the match! It was sooo funny to watch and they won two out of the three matches they played!

Thursday and Friday
The end of our week was nice and easy. Work flew by for me but that tends to be the case when I am super busy and dinner was easy (Thursday night Mexican with the girls from work and Friday dinner mom made). This is the first time that Toby has left for school/work were when he came home NOTHING had changed about the house. As most of you know, it has become a tradition that I do a house project in his absence (without his knowledge of said project or approval) but this time I was unable to keep this tradition. What a bummer!! Oh well, there is always next trip! :o)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

How I Spent Saturday Night....

.... in the ER! I fell yesterday morning at my brother's house; on the sidewalk (not on ice but because my legs gave out). Most of my weight landed on my knees and right wrist and then I got my belly. I hit my belly hard enough that it knocked the wind out of me so I kind of freaked out. After I calmed down; Paisley and I drove home. When we got home Toby took care of lunch so I could take a nap. I woke up at about 4:00 and my wrist was still killing me and I hadn't felt Ryder move so I decided to play it safe and go to the ER. Because I am pregnant they sent me to the maternity wing first to make sure the baby was ok. The first nurse couldn't find Ryder's heart but the second one find it after a little bit of hunting (she said that they were having trouble keeping him on the monitor because he was so small). We were monitored for four hours and for the most part Ryder's heart rate was in between 120 & 150 (this is where they like to see it) but it would drop below 110 when I would have a contraction. So I had to be on my left side a lot and drinking lots of water to try to stop the contractions (they chose this path over meds because the contractions were not strong). After the contractions pretty much stopped I was sent back down to the ER to get my wrist checked out.
An X-ray confirmed what I had thought, my wrist was sprained not broken. So I was finally sent home at 11:00pm with a splint and LOTS of instructions on what NOT to do. I am not on bed rest but just firmly told to rest and take it easy. I am to call my regular OB on Monday and if anything changes or happens that is on the list they gave me, I am to call the doctor and head straight to the Hospital because they don't want me to go into labor early. And to make matters worse Toby left this morning for his school in Carey, NC for the week. Talk about timing! My goal tomorrow is to bribe someone from work or one of the neighbor kids to come shovel my driveway for me so I don't take the chance of falling again.
P.S. Mother Nature, please wait to do anything else until Toby comes home. It is hard enough to drive with one arm (my left one at that) but add bad roads to the mix and I think it is an accident waiting to happen.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Almost 100%

I don't want to say that we are all 100% better yet and jinx us but we are close to being 100%. Everyone is eating (and keeping it down) and the energy level is almost back to normal.
(It's so nice to see her happy smiling face again)

Paisley LOVES Wii tennis! She is is getting so good (thanks again Megan & Reda).

Sickness Recap:
Last Friday night we ended up in the ER with Paisley for an ear infection. She woke up in the middle of the night crying and screaming because of the pain she was in. At the ER she was given numbing ear drops, Tylenol with codeine and an an antibiotic. Then, when we got home Toby and I started our MAJOR downward spiral of sickness (we both lost about 8 pounds or more because we couldn't keep anything down).
Saturday was spent trying to get better. Toby was the first one out of the three of us to start feeling better and it was a good thing because he needed to finish a cake for Torey's first birthday party. Toby's cakes are getting so good. I think one is my favorite so far!

Sunday was also spent trying to get better and the saddest part of our Sunday sickness was missing Torey's first birthday party. This was the first, 1st birthday that we had to miss but we needed to get better and didn't want to pass our sickness on to anyone else. We love you very much Torey! Happy Birthday Big Girl! Sorry we missed the party but we will make it up to you, I promise.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Feeling Better

Paisley Update:
Her fever broke yesterday and has stayed away. YEA!!! She has been able to eat more and drink more and keep it down. Double YEA!! And her energy level is raising. No hospital or IV for Miss Paisley! Triple YEA!!! It is nice to have my little girl back!

Toby Update:
He is feeling much better also and has taken over staying at home with Paisley yesterday and today. Our goal is to try to stay close to home this weekend to make sure she is back to her normal self by Monday.

P.S. My luck has ran I am sick! BOO!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Sick Girl

Poor Paisley Pie is SICK!

The sickness started out last Friday morning with a soar throat but by that afternoon she was feeling much better.

But to be on the safe side we stayed home all weekend. Off and on Saturday and Sunday she would just stop playing and rest/nap (so not like her). Then Sunday night things took a turn for the worse. She started to complain that she was cold, REALLY cold. So she was dress in two layers of clothes and still couldn't get warm, then she passed on dinner (we had breakfast for dinner - her FAVORITE) and wanted to go to her room instead. When I went to check on her she was snuggled up under her covers, sleeping like a baby, and burning up! Boy did I feel like a pretty crappy mom. I took her temperature and it was 102.7 (this is high for Paisley). After her little nap I gave her Tylenol and soup (then she got sick).

Paisley woke up around 3am with a 103.2 fever so we stayed home from work/daycare and she just laid around ALL day (again not like Paisley). She ran a fever off and on all day and wouldn't eat anything. She only drank two cups of water and only peed twice (and it was very dark yellow). By bedtime I was going a little crazy worrying about dehydration. (I went a little google crazy looking up the symptoms and I didn't want a repeat of 3 years ago where she was admitted for 2 days with an IV in her little not yet 1 year old arm) My vote was to take her to the ER to make sure she wasn't dehydrated and for my peace of mind but WE (Toby) decided to wait until the morning.

When Paisley woke up just after 4:30 this morning with a fever of 103.3, crying (without tears - a sign of dehydration) because she was so hot in her pj's I was cursing Toby and ready to take her in but she didn't want to go. She told me that she just wanted some water and for me to rock her (we both fell asleep). I called the doctor this morning and they got us in at 11. By the time we got to the doctor's office Paisley still had the fever (and it was raising), she had only one glass of water so far and only peed once (dark yellow again). When the nurse came in Paisley said "Oh, I love your belly" and then rubbed it (she is pregnant and she thought that Paisley was so cute for noticing her baby belly). After looking Paisley over they tested her for N1H1, the Flu and Strep. While we were waiting for the test results to come back (they all were negative) she got sick and due to how violently she got sick she broke blood vessels in her face (around her eyes & mouth). They decided to give Paisley a shot to keep her from getting sick anymore and sent us home to try to hydrate her. Paisley had to drink 150 ml (a little over 1/2 cup) of water by 3:30 this afternoon or we would have to come back in for IV fluids. She was able to drink the water so we didn't have to go in. Our new game plan is keep her drinking at least 150 ml of water every four hours and call the doctor first thing in the morning with a report of water intake/color and fever. So, fingers crossed that we are able to hydrate her fully at home tonight and avoid the IV tomorrow.
P.S. Toby has not told me "I told you so" yet and I think that is VERY wise of him!