Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Madness

Recap of life in the Vincent house over the last week or so.

St. Paddy's Day Fun
This year we woke up to fine Irish weather, it was overcast and rainy. When we walked out of the house it was as if I could hear bagpipes in the background. Ok, so maybe not, I had just finished a book that took place in Ireland so I was a little more in the spirit, maybe that was it. I even got to watch the parade at work (one of the perks of working downtown in Topeka, the parade route goes right by my building). All and all it was a GREAT day!

Family Tour
After my last doctor's appointment Paisley and I had dinner with with my Dad and Step-mom. We got a great surprised: Rylee, Avrey & Torey were there also. It was nice getting to catch up with Dad & Christy and playing with the girls.

We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends in our life. Because of every one's generosity (and catching good deals) we are ready for Ryder to arrive. I will post pictures of the room when we are finished putting everything away.

Little Man UpdateI had my 31 week check up on Friday. According to my doctor both Ryder and I are measuring right on schedule. We heard his wonderful heart beat and it was loud and strong. He is already head down and we have a date! So mark you calendars for May 21st because that is when I will be induced. And because people have been asking, here is a new belly picture.


Katina said...

You look great! How exciting to know when Ryder will be here!

The Beerbaurs said...
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The Beerbaurs said...

So I was going to text u the other night and ask for a belly pic update because it seems like forever since I've seen u!! U look super cute!! And I love the basketball under your shirt! ; )

Val Russell said...

You are looking lovely! Maybe Ryder will kick me next time I rub on your belly. =) Love you!

Clare said...

Wow, you look great Sarah-all belly!!
Yay, for a birthdate too! I can't wait.