Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random Paisley

Paisley: If you take me to the restaurant with balloons (Red Robin), I will let my balloon go into the sky when we get home so Jesus can play with it.

Dog Tails
Paisley: Mommy, do you know why dogs have tails?
Me: That's the way God made them.
Paisley: No, I think they have tails to cover their privates.

Spelling P-A-I-S-L-E-Y
Me: Paisley do you know how to spell your name?
Paisley: Well, I think it starts with a P then an A and I think there is an L and a Y somewhere.
Me: Come look what I did to help you out. (I spelled out her name on the fridge with her alphabet letters)
A bit little later that day the letters were all mixed up
Me: Paisley did you move the letters around in your name?
Paisley: Yes. I like them better in THIS order.

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Katina said...

I love hearing the things that come from little kids' mouths!