Monday, March 15, 2010

Zen Again

Ok, so after my last post I'm sure you could tell that I was headed down a slippery slope. I was feeling very over worked, under appreciated and overwhelmed with everything. Add those feelings to my crazy pregnancy hormones and I was one hot mess!

After talking to the baby doctor at my last appointment (which went very well, both Ryder and I are measuring just where we should be, YEAH!!!) my doctor informed me that if I couldn't get my stress level under control he would have to limit my work hours. To be honest at first this was a welcome comment but then I started thinking about it and it started to stress me out more. If I don't have time in an 8 hour work day to get everything done that I need, how would I ever get it done if that time was cut? So Toby and I came up with a plan for work: I would be honest with myself and everyone else. I am just one person and can't do it all. So I am working on saying 'No'. Sure, I still have my "To Do" list but now it is more of a GUIDE as opposed to the RULE on what I have to finish. And if things are still on my list at closing time they will still be there there tomorrow and that is ok because work needs to stay at work. The plan for home: we decided to take a break from our crazy schedule and lay low for the week. The house wasn't a priority (we kept it picked up but didn't do any major cleaning), when we got home from work it was straight into comfy PJ's and we didn't leave the house after our PJ's were on, we had ice cream every night before bed and we just hung out together as a family. We played games, did a few craft projects (pictures to come), watched movies and read. It was so relaxing!

We all were able to start this week out on the right foot with a smile on our face (except for the fact that 6am felt like 5am and we are not morning people but a little bit of cartoons and a strawberry Pop-Tart made it a bearable).


Katina said...

Can you teach me how to say no and leave work at work?
Glad to hear things are right on track for you and Ryder, I was worried about you guys after you took that spill.
Take care of yourself and those cute little babies!

Clare said...

Having worked with you for a few years (wow, really? it seems like it wasn't that long at all) I know that you do take on everything you are asked to do and it's a very stressful load that you carry. Glad that you are willing to start saying "no", now you just need to stick to it!
And your week at home sounds like it was great!