Monday, April 12, 2010

I have a Confession

Ok so really I heart maternity underwear not granny panties but when I took them out of the package they sure did look like granny panties. In fact when I showed them to Toby we both were laughing about how I got the wrong size. Then I tried them on and started to cry/laugh because not only did they fit but they were oh so comfy. So, why did I fight giving up my Victoria's Secrete undies? Why did it take me getting to this point before I decided to make the switch?


Clare said...

I LOVE my maternity panties, I still have them from Fiona-I wore them when I wasn't pregnant too. I need to get more.
Ha love this post, made me LOL!!

Katina said...

Thanks for the good laugh! Maternity panties are the best. I think that it matter of comfort over cuteness but as things get bigger every where those Vici draws ain't lookin so cute and things need to be covered.

Stephanie said...

Ok, this cracks me up!! :)