Monday, April 19, 2010

The Kiddo's Room

We have finally finished our kiddo's room. YEAH!!

It has been a long process due to a difference of option a few times between Paisley and I on our vision/plan for the room. If you remember correctly we started out with the ABC bedding pictured below. (Paisley helped pick it out and was with me when I bought it)

Then around Paisley's birthday we were in her bedroom talking about me getting started on making everything for her room when she said "Mommy, this just isn't going to work for me" as she pointed at the ABC bedding in Ryder's crib. So we set out on a mission to find bedding for the room that would work for both Paisley and Ryder. After the fifth store we went to (Bed Bath & Beyond) Paisley decided that this bedding was what she wanted. And I have to say, I love it!! She did a very good job picking it out.
After that decision was made I decided that I would make Ryder's bedding so it would match Paisley bedding. I picked up the matching panel curtain and turned it into a bed skirt and topped it off with a solid brown sheet. But no one in our house liked the way it turned out but me. Both Paisley and Toby thought that it was too girlie for Ryder. Paisley exact words "Mommy, Ryder can't have that bedding because it has pink in it and pink is for girls." Then Toby said that it looked good and it could work but if they were not sharing a room there is NO way this bedding would fly. So I started to feel guilty, thinking that maybe they were right and maybe it wasn't fair to Ryder that his bedding was borderline girlie. So I started looking again at bedding.

Then I found this bedding from Target and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!
Now everyone in our house is happy that the crib looks suitable for our little man! And the room as a whole is perfect for both Paisley and Ryder. They each have a little space in the room that is all their own.


Val Russell said...

It looks perfect! I love the way it turned out =)

Stephanie said...

I LOVE the spaceship bedding! Adorable!!

Clare said...

Looks great, that was a lot of work! I love the spaceships, very cute.