Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fun with Nana

My mom (Nana) and Papa Bob had the pleasure of keeping Paisley for us while we were in the hospital with Ryder. Each night when we talked to Paisley she would go on and on about all the fun stuff they where doing. Here is a recap of the fun what was had.

They celebrated Ryder's birthday with yummy cake. Paisley even got to blow out the candle because she is the big sister of course!

She helped Nana in the garden.

She fed the birds.
Blew bubbles with Sophie. I am told that Sophie is very good a popping/eating the bubbles. (You can almost hear Paisley laughing in these pictures).

She even got to play one of her most favorite games...Hopscotch!
She enjoyed a nice relaxing hot tub swim with Nolan (Bob's great nephew) who is her age.
And she even got to drive!
I don't think that she missed us very much. What do you think?

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Clare said...

Looks like she had fun, but I'm sure everyone was glad to be home!

Is that cake with a flaming candle on the bed?!?!