Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Baby Story - Ryder

Friday May 21st, 5:30am
Toby and I headed to the hospital to start the induction process. (I was induced with Paisley so we knew what to expect).

(Our last family of three photo)

(The last belly shot and boy is that a BIG belly)

Friday May 21st, around 7:30am
After getting checked in they started the pitocin. The plan was for my doctor to break my water sometime after 8:30 and if everything progressed like it did with Paisley we would be holding Ryder in our arms by late afternoon.

Friday May 21st, around 8:30am
Well, Ryder decided that he didn't want to wait for the doctor and my water broke on its own around 8:30am. The nurse checked me and I was 90% effaced and at 3 cm. After that things started to happen very fast. My contracting starting coming faster (about two minutes apart) and boy where they strong.

Friday May 21st, around 9:30
I wanted the my epidural but I was afraid that if I got the drugs now they would ware off before game time so I tried to be strong. That lasted all of about 15 minutes until I paged the nurse to ask for the happy drugs. While she was in my room I also asked if I could get up and use the restroom. She looked and me and asked "Pee or Poo" and I said "Pee but I am feeling a little pressure". She then told me that she didn't believe me and wanted to check me first and it is a good thing she did because I was already 6cm. She then told me that I wasn't allowed out of bed and that she was going to page the Epidural guy.

She came back into the room a few minutes later to inform me that he was tied up down in surgery and wouldn't be free for another 15 minutes. That news had me in tears. Part of my birth plan was DRUGS and I wanted them NOW!! I was very scared that my epidural guy wouldn't make it in time. So I agreed to have Stadol to take the edge off and wait for the epidural. I do not like Stadol. It was not kind to me. It did not take the edge off it only made me feel high and itchy but the problem was my limbs where tingly/going numb so I couldn't scratch the itch. It was not a fun feeling.

(A picture from the waiting room action)

May 21st, sometime later (maybe 10:00ish)
The Epidural god arrived, YAY!!! Things started to feel MUCH better. Then I started to feel pressure again and all I could think is "Oh my goodness this is happening so fast this time!" So we paged the nurse and she checked me again and this time I was at 9cm. So she paged my doctor who was at the office in the building next door.

May 21st, a little before 11:00am
Dr. Capelli showed up and asks me why I was in such a hurry as they are transforming the room for delivery.

May 21st, 11:02am
After 10 minutes of pushing, Ryder is born!

Toby and I spent about 20 minutes alone with Ryder before he went out into the waiting room to get Miss Paisley Pie so she could meet her new little brother.

She walked into the room and said "Hi Ryder, I love you sooo much!" It was so sweet. It is safe to say that we all are pretty smitten over our new little guy!

(Check out his hospital pictures here)


Val Russell said...

Great story! It's fun to hear it from your perspective. =)

Clare said...

What a great labor! Less than 4 hours.
He is so handsome, I'm glad things went so well for you. Can't wait to see him again.

Stephanie said...

What a great story - I'm glad things went well for you! I assume Paisley is enjoying all of her big sister loot? :)

Katina said...

Sounds like things went good minus the waiting in pain part. Stadol helped me relax with Jonas but made me a little out of it. Loved the pictures from the hospital, he's so adorable!

Brandy Goldenberg said...

What a beautiful story. Welcome to the world baby Ryder!