Monday, May 3, 2010

Mini Family Vacation

We decided that before we welcome Ryder into this world we wanted one more family vacation as a family of three but due to my comfort level we decided it was best to stay close to home. So our destination was set; Kansas City, MO!

We used Toby's hotel points and stayed at the Hampton Inn & Suites on the Plaza for free. Paisley was so excited to be staying in a hotel again (she loves to travel and explore new places). She was entertained for a while just opening all of the doors/drawers and checking the phone to see if anyone was calling us. My only complaint about this fabulous hotel was the ginormous hill that it sat on. Silly us, we walked to dinner and back. On the way down the hill I was afraid that I would trip and fall causing me to steamroll over poor Paisley but thank goodness that didn't happen! And the walk up the hill was pure HELL! I was panting like a dog and my legs we shaking. I wanted to sit down and make Toby go get the car but I keep on going because I had my little cheerleader cheering me on "Don't give up mommy, you can do it." How sad/funny is that?!

Sorry, I got distracted thinking about that awful hill. So, after making it down the hill it was off to dinner at Tomfooleries (one of my most favorite restaurants on the Plaza)! And lucky us we made in time for happy hour, so our dinner was half price (score another one for being thrifty)! Paisley was very impressed because they have a train that goes around the ceiling and it is kind of dark and loud so she didn't have to be super quite.

After dinner walked around on the Plaza for a bit enjoying the nice weather until Paisley saw the horses. So we headed over so she could pet them. The next thing we know we are going on a carriage ride. (How could we say no to that happy little face?)

She was so excited that she talked the WHOLE ride. At one point the driver (is that the correct term?) turned around and said "Boy, she doesn't talk much does she?" We just smiled and said "No, she is very shy." :o)

She had to say "Hi" to everyone we passed and of course she had to wave like the little Princess that she is! After we got to the hotel we watched a little TV and then all of us passed out. It was a very good night!

On Saturday morning we meet our friends; Clare, JR & Fiona at....

This was the first time Paisley had ever been to the KC Zoo and she LOVED it!

We meet at 9:30 so we could bet the crowd and lucky us all of the animals we up and about having fun (just like our kiddos)!

(This Lama picture is for my momma)

Thank you again Clare and JR for meeting us at the zoo and letting us use your coupons! We miss our Topeka friends a lot now that you are our KC friends. We will have to get together more often (or move back)!

All in all, not too bad for a little mini family vacation close to home!

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Clare said...

Glad you enjoyed your mini vaca! We had a blast with you guys. I thought about it later and we should have done a belly pictures together...oh, well maybe next pregnancy, he he!

Will you e-mail me the pictures from the zoo? Thanks.