Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

After my baby doctor appointment last Friday I toured the hospital again (they said that changes had been made since having Paisley but I didn't really notice them). The one difference that I did notice this time was being sent home with a "Big Sister" bag for Paisley. This bag had diapers (so she could practice changing them on her stuffed animals), a baby hat (just like the one Ryder will get) and a lot of Big Sister stickers.

When I first gave Paisley the bag she wasn't all the interested in the baby stuff so I didn't push it but a few days later she started asking questions and wanted to learn what to do when Ryder gets here. So she picked out a few of her favorite stuffed friends and went to work. She had so much fun learning something new and thought that it was so funny to see her animals in the diapers. She also informed me that she would not change a poohy diaper EVER because that "Is just disgusting!"


starnes family said...

So cute! My oldest was 5 when our 2nd child was born, so he was very aware of the arrival. He also went to a Big Brother class at the hospital we delivered. I love all the "big" brother/sister stuff!

Stephanie said...

How adorable is THAT?!?!

Clare said...

She is going to be such a great big sis! Poohy diapers or not!