Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Ok, so after Clare did a Sleeping Beauty post. I knew that I wanted to do one also (I know I am a copycat). So lately I have snapping pictures of little Miss Paisley Pie in all of her funny sleep positions.


This one is the "Peter Pan"

I don't know what else to call this but "Confused"

"Snuggle Bug"

"Slugger Love" -She is sleeping on her favorite heart pillow from Grandma Donna & Grandpa Randy snuggling with Slugger (the Royals mascot). I think she looks so cute and peaceful.

"I'll Never Let Go" -Name that movie. (Look at that death grip on Woody's arm even in sleep)


starnes family said...


Cute pictures......great idea!

I'm Casey, a friend of Clare's. Nice to meet you!

Vincent Family said...

Hi Casey! Thanks for stopping by and yes you are correct, Titanic is correct!