Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Welcome Home Gift...

...that wasn't so welcome.

On Sunday we came home from the hospital with Ryder. My mom still had Paisley and was going to bring her home to us on Monday and stay a week to help us adjust to life with a new baby and a four year old. (Don't I have the best mom is the world? I think so!) I was excited to come home to my clean house, unpack our hospital stuff, take Ryder on a tour of his new digs and take a nap. Well that all changed the minute we opened the front door and a nasty wet/mold smell assaulted our poor unsuspecting noses. I guess that at some point while we were gone Topeka got a bunch of rain and our basement flooded.

So we decided to divided and conquer. Toby assessed the damage and made a few calls to see what could be done while I fed little man and laid him down to sleep. Then the two of us moved everything from the basement up to the dinning room and garage. I helped as much as I could and then I called in reinforcements (Toby's parents and sister Laura). I think that my post pregnancy tears/meltdown had them here in a jiffy helping do the heavy lifting. Toby and I went to bed worn slick that night. Mr. Ryder did not get the memo that his mommy and daddy needed sleep because he was up every 30 minutes for feedings. Needless to say our first night home with little man was a rough one.

Our game plan for the basement is a face lift. The floors will be tile (no carpet to be on the safe side), the walls will be a khaki color, the trim will be white and at some point in the near future we will be able to move everything back down to where it belongs. YAY!!!

(I will post pictures when the project is complete)


Clare said...

Ugh, has it even been a year since last time this happened? Sorry to hear your homecoming didn't go as planned, like I said before let me know if I can do anything for you.

Katina said...

That does not sound like a welcome home gift at all. You poor thing! I would have been in tears too. Good job looking at the bright side and seeing a new basement out of the deal. Hope you are adjusting well otherwise.