Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baby Bear Update - Three Weeks

Ok, so I kept trying to post this but couldn't find the energy to finish. Not today, I will finish! Let's blame it on me being a busy/stressed new momma!

1) Jaundice:
Ryder left the hospital with jaundice (we figured he would have it because Paisley had it). We had to take him in to get his bilirubin checked each day for 7 days. He topped out at 19.6, just shy of needed phototheraphy. I am happy to say at the two week mark it was back down to a 'normal' level. YAY, no more yellow baby!

2) Stats:At his last check-up for the bilirubin (two week mark) we got some official stats for his baby book and our little baby bear is growing like a weed!

Weight: 9lbs 6oz (80%)
Height: 23 1/2 in (off the chart)

3) Breathing:
After being home for a little over a week we noticed that Ryder was having breathing issues when he ate. He would stop breathing and we had to try different things to get him to start breathing again. We just assumed that it was because he was being a little pig and was getting too much milk but I wanted to make sure so I asked the doctor about it. (Ryder was kind enough to demonstrate his new scary talent at the appointment). I was then told that if he stopped breathing while he was awake (either eating or not) that he could stop breathing in his sleep and that put him at a higher risk for SIDS.

Hello, so NOT a word you want to hear in the same sentence when someone is talking about your baby! So they sent us off to get a sleep apnea machine for the weekend to monitor his breathing and heart rate. He only made the machine go off once in three days. But because there was activity they want us to follow up with a neonatal specialist (we hope to get in sometime this week). In the mean time we are using a different sleep monitor that my very kind Topeka friends got for us to keep me from losing my mind while we waited to hear back from the doctor and I have to say it has been a life saver! I can sleep when he sleeps now without fear. (Thanks again ladies! You are the BEST!)


starnes family said...

Such a sweetheart! This makes me want another baby.

Stephanie said...

Oh, Sarah, he's SO cute. Seriously, you have the most adorable children!! Hope everything with the little guy is ok!