Monday, June 14, 2010

Big Sister Update

Paisley is loving her new roll as the big sister. She has been sooo helpful and at times maybe a little too helpful.
She also loves getting to help feed him.
And she has to help with EVERY bath because, "That what big sisters do and I need to make sure he is not scared." Anytime Ryder cries during his bath she gives him his binky and says in the most softest, mommy like voice "It's ok Bubs, I'm here. Your ok. Don't cry, Bubs."
Oh, it is the sweetest thing EVER!
And she asked if we could move her car seat to the middle so she could be closer to Ryder, "Just in case he need me mommy."
What a lucky little boy to have such a loving big sister!

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Jonas said...

That is too precious! She is a great big sister. Jonas talks in the same voice and says the same things to Dexter too. Glad things are going good with the siblings.