Monday, June 21, 2010

Move Over Picasso

There is a new artist in town!

This newly acquired piece of art is from an up and coming artist.


About the artist: She has been 'into' art for about three years now. Lives at home with her parents, brother & two very bad dogs. She is temperamental with her work, free with her love and super funny!
About this piece: This is a picture of one of the artist's very bad dogs peeing in the grass (glad to see it was the grass not the couch this time). Notice her the attention to detail; see his tongue sticking out, his three legs straight down in the grass and the one leg lifted with a little pink line (for the pee). And look at her bold use of color. I LOVE it and the artist for the matter!!
It is so to see the fun new things she is doing now all on her own. Four is a fun age!

1 comment:

Clare said...

That is awesome, your description was great, but seeing the real thing is so much better.
Such a creative little girl!