Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby James & Big Sister's Birthday

Welcome baby James!

My very good friend Clare welcomed her second baby into this world on Saturday June 26th at 7:14pm. We didn't get to see him at the hospital but we did see him (two weeks later) we had him all to ourselves!
(Ryder is 7 weeks old & James is 2 weeks old in these pictures)

Happy 2nd Birthday Fiona!! I have had the pleasure of getting to play with you at work until you were 5 months old. Also, the joy of seeing many of your first. You are such a sweet, sweet little girl! It was amazing to see all of the new things you can do now that you are two. So big, yet so small! We love you lots and lots!!

This was the first time all three of the boys were together. All of us mommy's were prego around the same time. First we have Dexter -3mths (right w/mommy, Tina), then it is Ryder - 2mths (left w/me) followed by James - 1mth (center w/mommy, Clare). These are some good looking boys!!
Clare, JR, Fiona and James thank you for having us. It was so nice to get to hang out like we use to (when our girls were super small). It is days like this we miss you guys so much more and wish that we lived closer.

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Clare said...

So glad you guys came! Thanks for all the help.

We will live closer soon, until then we well enjoy the visits!