Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Broken Heart

Paisley broke my heart at dinner the other day. She asked me if I loved Ryder more than her. (What? Where did this come from?)

I told her no that I love them both the same and that something special happens to mommy's and daddy's when a new baby comes; their hearts get bigger so the can love BOTH kids the same. I asked her why she thought that I loved him more and she just looked down at her dinner plate and started to cry. Talk about heartbreak! So picked her up and we went into the living room so we could rock in the rocking chair and cuddle and talk. She still didn't tell me what made her think she was loved less but I think we worked everything out for now.

What am I doing wrong that this sweet little girl thinks I love him more? It still make me sad to think she felt or feels less loved.

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The Hensley Family said...

Oh how pitiful! You're not doing Anything wrong! The new baby just gets a lot of attention and takes a lot of your time - she'll be fine! Just make a special time every day for just the two of you with NO baby around! Even if it's 10 minutes. I have to remember to do this with Emma too. It's tough - but you'll all be okay!