Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ryder - 3 Months


At 3 months:

You have found your hands and they are in your mouth all the time. You also drool a LOT now! Maybe because your hands are always in your mouth or because you are always sticking out your tongue, not sure. And at night when I hold you close before bedtime you rub my face until you fall asleep. It is one of the sweetest things you do!

You make friends and melt hearts where ever you go. You have a "Morning Talk/Cuddle Time" with Jackie and a tour of the office, just to say good morning to everyone. You have started acting bashful when people talk to you. It is so cute.

And you laugh out loud all the time. You laugh when people talk to you and when they don't. When someone tickles you or when they scare you. (I say 'people' because anyone can get you to laugh not just me or daddy) You are such a happy baby; we are so lucky!

You are wearing size 3-6 months clothes and size 2 diapers. You grow so much everyday. You are still sleeping 3-4 hours at night but sometimes you surprise us and sleep for 6 hours (we really like those nights).

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We Survived

Paisley's first day of Preschool. And when I say WE survived, I really mean ME!
She was sooo excited last night she could hardly sleep. Seriously, she didn't fall asleep until after 10pm. Then she woke up this morning at 6:30am. I heard her talking over the baby monitor about how her day was going to go. And she talked the WHOLE drive to preschool about what she was going to do today.
When we got to her class room she saw a friend (a co-worker's daughter) so that made it a little easier for her to feel comfortable. After a few minutes she was already off playing with the other kids. So I took my cue and told her goodbye. I asked for a hug and she said "Not now Mommy, I'm playing." That is when I made a B-line for the door before the first tears fell (mine of course not hers). I was a mess for about 20 minutes (thank you Tiff for calming me down) and then everything was fine. It also helped that I allowed myself two sodas, one really big brownie and Mexican food for lunch. Yes, my diet was shot for the day but I NEEDED the comfort of the food I love. Don't judge!
When I picked her up after work she was a little upset that I was there because she wasn't done playing yet. She was VERY sleepy & cranky on the drive home. But after dinner I was able to get her to tell me all about her day. And at bed time we read a little book that she made today. It is call: My "Me" Book. Here are a few of my favorite parts from the book.
  • My hair color is: Darkest Blond
  • My favorite meal is: Breakfast
  • Here is a picture of my favorite food: Picture of scrambled eggs (yellow scribbles)
  • Please don't make me eat: Lobster
  • Favorite season: Winter
  • Favorite day of the week: Wednesday
  • When I grow up, I'd like to be a: Animal Doctor because I love animals
  • I live in a: House
  • Here is a picture of my room: I asked her what the drawing was and she said "Well, this is my bed and this right here is Ryder's diaper thing." (Good, glad this is what she thinks of when she thinks about her room)

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Sunny Day

Thank you for your ideas and support! It is so nice to have friends that understand what is going on!
Ryder only had one crying fit today at work but I was able to get him to clam down and go to sleep. YEAH!! I used the yoga ball last night and today (thank you Clare) and it helped. I was even able to get him to sleep in the Moby this afternoon for about an hour (thank you Tiff for letting me borrow it). He wouldn't let me wrap him at all last week or this weekend. It was almost like he needed to be moving. I have found two holds that help him sleep but the problem is getting him to stay asleep. He will wake up after like 15 or 20 minutes crying again. I really think it is tummy troubles.
The goods news: Toby was able to get him to do this tonight. We just found out that Ryder is SUPER ticklish. (Sorry about the quality of the video, it was taken with my phone. I so miss my camera!)

I guess he is starting to feel a little better, at least for now.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Not Always Rainbows and Sunshine...

....with a new baby!

My once super happy baby boy

Has turned into a very crabby little guy in a matter of days!

Now this new found crankiness (crying for hours at a time) could be due to a number of things:
-Big Sis helping with a feeding (aka she gave him just as much air as formula).
-His new evening feeding with cereal (with the doctors approval).
-Or it could be the fact that he does not burp at every feeding.

Our game plan for now is:
-No more cereal
-Gas drops with every feeding
-A lot of walking/bouncing (that is the only thing that helps)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sad Day

I am very sad to report that I dropped my new camera (the one I got for Christmas last year) on the tile floor in the basement. NOOOOOOOO! Needless to say it did not survive the fall. I sure hope that Santa is not against repeat gifts because I know what I am asking for this year (again).