Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Not Always Rainbows and Sunshine...

....with a new baby!

My once super happy baby boy

Has turned into a very crabby little guy in a matter of days!

Now this new found crankiness (crying for hours at a time) could be due to a number of things:
-Big Sis helping with a feeding (aka she gave him just as much air as formula).
-His new evening feeding with cereal (with the doctors approval).
-Or it could be the fact that he does not burp at every feeding.

Our game plan for now is:
-No more cereal
-Gas drops with every feeding
-A lot of walking/bouncing (that is the only thing that helps)


Val Russell said...

Poor guy =( And poor momma. At least he's got an awesome shamrock blankie to lay on when he cries!

Clare said...

SARAH, run, don't walk to Target and get a huge yoga ball. The bouncing on that thing is what saves us, it works everytime. You might also get a wrap, you're still welcome to borrow mine.

The Hensley Family said...

Em had collic and it was AWFUL...but the thing to remember is that it will pass and you'll forget all about this cranky time! Em had a certain hold that as long as you held her that one way - she was fine...of course you could do nothing else or it would be all over! :)
Chase had really bad evenings for a while...nothing every really worked for us but time...and i tried it all! Take all suggestions and try ANYTHING once and like I said before - it will end and you'll forget that it ever happened! You'll be fine! Cuddle time makes everything better too!!!

The Hensley Family said...

How's he doing now??? Any better?