Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ryder - 3 Months


At 3 months:

You have found your hands and they are in your mouth all the time. You also drool a LOT now! Maybe because your hands are always in your mouth or because you are always sticking out your tongue, not sure. And at night when I hold you close before bedtime you rub my face until you fall asleep. It is one of the sweetest things you do!

You make friends and melt hearts where ever you go. You have a "Morning Talk/Cuddle Time" with Jackie and a tour of the office, just to say good morning to everyone. You have started acting bashful when people talk to you. It is so cute.

And you laugh out loud all the time. You laugh when people talk to you and when they don't. When someone tickles you or when they scare you. (I say 'people' because anyone can get you to laugh not just me or daddy) You are such a happy baby; we are so lucky!

You are wearing size 3-6 months clothes and size 2 diapers. You grow so much everyday. You are still sleeping 3-4 hours at night but sometimes you surprise us and sleep for 6 hours (we really like those nights).

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