Wednesday, September 15, 2010


What comes first...the chicken or the egg?
Or in our job, new location or new digs?

(Image from here)

That's right, we are seriously talking about moving. We have even starting looking at houses.
Oh, the question we have!! Where should we go? Closer to family & friends or should we stay here in Topeka? Is making a big change like this the right decision with the current job/housing market? Can we even sell our house? Can we make a profit on our house if we do sale?

Here are our thoughts/plans for now:
  • Put our house on the market sometime between now and next spring/summer
  • After the house sales, move and rent for 6 months to a year (This will give us time to make sure we like the new area and to see if the location will really work for Toby's job. It will also give me time to find a job.)
  • Then move into a new home (hopefully our last move)

It is all very exciting and scary!!! (I will keep you posted if anything changes)


Clare said...

Move!! Closer to family ;)

Seriously though, go into it with no pressure. If your house sells than it's a sign that it's time to go. If you don't have much luck selling, stay put for a while, then rethink the plan in another 6 months.

Stephanie said...

Big decisions - good luck with everything!

My vote is OBVIOUSLY with Clare on the move to KC...;)