Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The "H" Word

This post is FULL of too much information about "Girl Issues" so read with caution.

I have been throwing around the "H" word all week (in all fairness my doctor started it last Friday).

What "H" word you ask?
Hysterectomy is the one that I'm talking about or LAVA to be more exact! (Why, did you think I was saying a different "H" word? Shame on you! Ok, so I might have let that one slip a time or two also but who's counting?!)

Back to the hysterectomy part.
My doctor and I have known that a hysterectomy was in my future and truth be told we both thought that it would have happened sooner than now. Pregnancy has caused more issues to my already crazy girl parts.

Side Story:
When Paisley was 6 months old I had to have two different surgeries: a laparoscopy to help with my out of control endometriosis and one where they put springs in the veins in my uterus (Did you know that you can get varicose veins in your uterus? Neither did I until it happened.)

We knew that if I were to get pregnant again I would need both surgeries again. After my last visit to my OB's office we think the time is upon us. The endometriosis is back and this time it is back with a vengeance. My body is taking a beating. The pain is like it was back in high school where I needed to be in bed on a heating pad for days at a time. Some days the pain in my back makes me throw-up and now I am getting the pain real low in my stomach again (a sign that the varicose veins are back). Also, I have been "Broken" every other week. No joke; I have the dates marked on the calendar to prove it! Just ask Toby he thinks this "I'm broken" is the new "I have a headache" line. (sorry TMI)

This decision is not one that I have made lightly. I have weighted my option: A) have a hysterectomy or B) repeating the same two surgeries that I had when Paisley was 6 months old, followed by two rounds of the Lupron shot (to put me into a fake menopause), then trying different kinds of birth control pills until we find one that helps my cycle just to get me through until I am older to have a hysterectomy. As you can see this decision was easy for me. I have two healthy children (that I never though I would be able to have in the first place) so I do not need the baby factory anymore. Take it OUT! The soonest I can get in is 5 weeks so we are looking at doing this sometime after Thanksgiving but before Christmas. In other words happy birthday to me!

And that my friends sums up the "H" word issue at our house!

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