Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Teeth

Dear Teeth,
While I am excited (and a little surprised) that you have decided to make your debut in Little Man's mouth (1st tooth - bottom right: Monday Oct. 4th and 2nd tooth - bottom left: Thursday Oct. 7th); I am more than a little upset with you for making my happy boy not so happy! Ryder has been VERY cranky before and after your arrivals and more drooly than normal. He is also back to sleeping only 4 hours at a time (curse you new teeth and the pain you bring). And don't get me started on the CRAZY pooh pants and extra laundry you have cause. To make matters worse, it looks like you have one more tooth friend on it's way (the top left eye tooth). Please tell your friend that he needs to hurry up already so we can get back to normal. Again thank you for disrupting our happy little home!

One unhappy boy and his sleepy mommy!

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