Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Three Halloween's of 2010

Halloween 2010! This year Paisley was Batgirl and Ryder was The Penguin!

Halloween 1:
On Thursday downtown Topeka had fun Halloween festivities for their last 'Top City Thursday'. (Thank you Barb for telling us about this & joining us; we had a BLAST!)

Me and the kiddos before the fun started

Paisley was able to make a candle a Marion Lane Candles (she chose the candy cane sent for her candle).

She trick-or-treated at The Break Room (one of my FAVORITE lunch places)

We had to stop for LOTS of action shots. Batgirl is a VERY busy girl you know!

And a few of our super cute penguin

Halloween 2:
Paisley was able to ware her Batgirl costume again on Friday at school. The kids trick-or-treated at the retirement apartments by the school and then came back for a parade and party. I wasn't able to make the trick-or-treating but I did make it to the party only to realize my camera was at home. Good job me! At least I got a few pictures BEFORE we left that morning.

Halloween 3:
Sunday the four of us headed over to a friends house for some trick-or-treating fun. But due to fighting about dinner (Paisley didn't think she needed to eat dinner before trick-or-treating but promised she would eat it when we got home - sure, like we were going to fall for THAT!) the group had already left. So the Mommy's handing out candy (thanks Kat & Steph) offered to keep little man so Toby and I could take Paisley out. It was nice to get a little time with just the three of us.

A few pics before we headed out.

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starnes family said...

Love the pictures on those gorgeous stairs. And, Batgirl all over the city! So cute.