Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Paisley has ALWAYS loved books. Please refer back to this post where she was 'reading' to her animals. I am a little sad but glad that she has now found a way to deal with a bad dream on her own. She now goes to bed with a book and if she has a bad dream she just looks at the pictures and goes back to sleep.

Last weekend I heard her wake up and go to the bathroom but then it was just quite (I didn't hear her get back in bed) so I got up to see what she was doing and I found her laying on the bathroom rug with her blanket reading. When I asked her why she told me "Everyone was asleep and I wanted to let you sleep. So I just got my book and was quite and I was just reading." This is one of the MANY reason that I LOVE this little girl! She is so sweet and thoughtful!

Later in the day (when I woke up from my nap) I found her like this.

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