Friday, November 5, 2010

My Thursday

Work a full day = Check
Stock up on food for the next three weeks = Check
Dinner on the run = Check
Kiddo's bathed & in bed = Check
Three loads of laundry washed and put away = Check
Dishes washed and put away = Check
Floors cleaned = Check
Schedules & phone list gathered = Check
My overnight bag packed = Check
The kid's overnight bag packed = Check
A weeks worth of stuff packed for me & the kids = Check
My Thursday night shows watched = Check
No food or drink after midnight = Check
T minus 8 hours until my hysterectomy and I am going to write what I won't let myself say...I am scared. Now I know everything with be FINE but I am still allowed to be scared and nervous.
I am a ball of crazy emotions.
I am excited that this will help make my issues go away and make me fell better.
A little sad that I am 28 and will NEVER be able to carry another child again.
Nervous about my recovery & having to depend on others.
Grumpy that I won't have control over how things are being done for a while.
A LOT sad to leave my babies (this will be the first time sense Ryder was born).


Margaret said...

I'll be thinking of you today! Please let me know if you need ANYTHING :)

Katina said...

You and the family will be in my thoughts and prayers.