Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Start of Week Two

So, the start of week two looks MUCH better than week one! It is safe to say that I have rejoined the living. (If I haven't returned your call yet I promise you are on the list) And trust me you did not want to hear from me last week or if you did I do not remember talking to anyone so you might get another call. What can I say....the pain meds made me loopy!

Last week was spent in bed, sleeping with the aid of my meds, and it was for the best. I started feeling better by Friday but then me, being me, had to over do it. But I can assure you that I will not be making that mistake again. (My belly is STILL hurtting me today)

This week I am going to focus on blogging, crafting, reading, watching movies and cuddling (not lifting) my kiddos. More or less I will still be spending a great deal of time on my bottom.

Ok, enough about me. Here is a photo of the kids (all four of them - the four legging ones & two legged ones).

P.S. Thank you again EVERYONE for your prayers, support, help and checking on me. I feel very loved.

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