Monday, December 13, 2010

Back to Life

Back to Reality. Back to life.

I hope you are singing that En Vogue song and it is stuck in your head, you are welcome!

As you may have guessed I have returned to work full time and my poor little blog has suffered. (Sometimes life gets in the way of good intentions but I'm sure that everyone can relate.) Well, while I was getting back into the grove of working again this is what you missed.

The Vincent Kiddos enjoyed a play date with the Snyder Kiddos

Paisley is finding more ways to interact with Ryder

Ryder cut another tooth (the top, right, middle tooth). I couldn't get a good picture of the new one but this one shows his little vampire teeth.

Paisley is getting ready for her Christmas program at school. She is singing, dancing and full of energy. (She is so excited to wear her new Christmas Dress - Yes you read that correctly, my daughter is excited about a DRESS!)

The dogs are grounded! It is cold outside and they have started to pee in the house again, so they are on lockdown until they can be trusted. Doc feel asleep trying to convince me that he was a good boy. He lost that battle.

And Ryder LOVES to JUMP!!


Katina said...

I completely understand and can relate to the life keeping you so busy it's hard to keep up with blogging.

Love all the pictures!

Ryder has Dexter beat in the teeth department, we're still waiting on his first tooth.

Stephanie said...

I love, love, love all of the photos! Hope work is going well! :)

Clare said...

How did I miss this post?!

Love the pictures from our playdate!

The pictures of Ryder and Paisley are so cute, so sweet to see siblings bonding.