Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning was spent with just the four of us (well 6 if you count the dogs). After breakfast we headed downstairs to see if Santa had stopped at our house and yes he did! At first Paisley only saw the Learning Table that Santa brought Ryder but didn't see anything for her.

Then she got a little closer and saw that Santa remembered her also (she got the RC helicopter she had asked for).

This year was first year that we had Santa issues. Kids talk. A LOT. At school. We have found out that Santa doesn't do the same thing at every one's house (not even the cousins). At our house Santa brings one (sometimes two) unwrapped gifts and fills the stockings. The rest of the gifts are from each other. It has been reported that Santa brings all the gifts to some families; Paisley wants to talk to Santa to find out how we can be one of those families. Got to love her!

And for Ryder's first Christmas Santa brought him this Learning Table. What a lucky little boy!!
He was more interested in the wrapping paper and what the dogs were doing or what Paisley was getting than playing with his toys.
Until we took the Glow Worm out of the package and then he wouldn't stop picking it's eyes and giving it kisses.

Toby's new TV.

Doc was making sure Ryder didn't need any help.

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Katina said...

Santa does the same thing at our house. He only can fit on toy for each boy in his bag plus the book he puts in their stocking.