Monday, December 20, 2010

A Program & A Piano Bar

Thursday Night Christmas Program
This was our first experience as "Stage Parents" and we loved every minute of it! Paisley's Christmas Program at preschool was about 30 minutes of super cute songs followed by a short video montage of the kids. We were so proud of her; not only did she wear her new Christmas dress (she even wanted to sleep in it) but she also did a great a job on stage. She was a natural!

And after the show we HAD to get a picture with Kyndall. These two were at daycare together and now they are friends at preschool. They are so cute!

Friday Night = Mommy's Night Out
I am one lucky lady; my sweet hubby stayed home Friday night with the kiddos so I could meet some friends from work at The Office (a dueling piano bar & lounge). This was my first time at a dueling piano bar and I will definitely be back! It just doesn't get any better than hearing "Baby Got Back" on the piano. Who knew Topeka had something so fun?

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Clare said...

You have to edit your blog to tell people to click the picture to enlarge it. Her waving at you with both hands is so freakin cute!!

Sounds like a fun couple of days.