Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ryder - 7 Months

We are so lucky that you are such a happy little guy! You only fuss when you are hungry and we are not moving fast enough for you or if you need a new diaper. You are still about 50/50 on sleeping through the night. So we just thank our lucky stars in the morning when you slept and flip a coin for diaper duty on the other nights. (Our system is not perfect but it helps keep BOTH Mommy & Daddy happy.) At your doctor appointment you measured in at 29.5 in (97%), 19 lbs (57%) and 44.5 cm (53%) for you head. You have started to show us a little bit of a stubborn side by pushing your bottle away when you are finished, smacking the spoon when you don't like the baby food and arching your back when we buckle you up. GRRR! I think we are in for fun time ahead!

You are doing a super cute army crawl that gets you where you want to go.

You have gotten two more chompers. Yikes! This picture is just scary.
(P.S. I was able to get this picture while you were laughing really hard)

You are doing a much better job sitting unsupported but if you get too excited you still wibble-wobble and fall down.

And for the most part you have been very good with the Christmas tree and gifts. It has only been the last few days that you have really wanted to explore.

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