Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Tour of 2011

Christmas #1: With my Mom's Family

 Christmas with mom is celebrated the Saturday before Christmas and this year it went smooth with no drama.  It was pretty much stress free and I didn't feel rushed (always a good thing).  I was able to enjoy spending time with everyone and catching up with my grandparents.  And as always the kids had fun playing together. 

P.S. Our forth Christmas is on the next page so if you are not sick of pictures when/if you make it to the bottom, then click on the "Older Posts" link.

Christmas Eve

Christmas #2: Christmas Eve with Toby's Family

This year we made it easy on Toby's family and we drove to them for Christmas.  (To be honest it was such a nice treat NOT cleaning our house around the holidays - but it sure does need it!)  We left our house around nap time so the kids would get a good nap and that means that Ryder only slept for about 20 minutes but that didn't matter when we got there because the kids went crazy when they saw everyone.  After we ate (and Uncle Reda got off work) we were ready for gifts.  All I can say is that we are very lucky to have such a thoughtful and kind family.  The kids where on overload and we have a TON of pictures because Aunt Laura was working her magic behind the camera (so get comfy because I couldn't stop adding pictures)! 

Told you there was a lot of pictures! 
The kids played with all their new toys until it was time to go home (around bed time) and they were asleep within minutes.  We were home a little after 9:30pm and Paisley wanted to open her Christmas Eve gift from us (new Christmas PJ's - something we do every year).  Ryder on the other hand was ready to go back to sleep.   

  Paisley was a little sad that she had to go to bed (at 10:00) because she really wanted to wear her new Christmas dress to church.  (I almost let her go with me to the 11:00pm service but knew that would make my night even longer and her a little grouchy on Christmas.)  She also knew that she wasn't going to get to wear it on Christmas because we had to be on the road to go to KC for Christmas with my Dad at the same time service started.  So I promised her a new "Birthday Dress" to wear to church the weekend of her birthday.  Only then would she finally go to sleep.        

Christmas Morning

Christmas #3: Christmas Morning at our House

Christmas morning started out like any other morning.  Ryder got up at 6:30am and I brought him into our room to drink his milk, have a snack and watch cartoons until Paisley woke up (around 7:30am).  She came running into our room yelling "Merry Christmas!  Wake up, he came! He came! Santa REALLY came!! Come on let's go!"

So after we got Toby up and around it was go time and boy where the kids ready. 
 Oops, I guess Doc is a little too big for his new dog bed. 

    The kids got to play with their toys for a little bit while we packed up the car to go to my brother's for Christmas's with my dad.