Sunday, January 23, 2011

How We Celebrate 5

The Big Day:
Paisley woke up on her birthday to a 'Snow Day' - no school. Thank you Mother Nature for once again blessing us with an awesome snow storm. I guess this is something she should get use to having a birthday in January!

Keeping with our birthday tradition Paisley got to open her gifts in the morning (this year it was closer noon so Toby would be home from work) and she picked were we went to dinner. This year: CiCi's Pizza.

After dinner we surprised her with another gift; a bike.

The Party:
Mother Nature decided to give Paisley a break and hold off on the second round of snow until Saturday night. So the roads where clean for our guest, that is until they turned on our street. Sorry everyone we had no control over the streets but thanks for making the drive! Paisley loved seeing everyone.

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