Monday, January 31, 2011

Ryder - 8 Months & 9 Days

Ryder Moose,

The running joke right now is that you will be eating steak on your birthday. I am starting to think you took this as a challenge. You currently have 8 teeth and I think you are working on another one but I am not sure what is left to come in at this point.

You love the camera and get very silly when you see it. You are such a HAM! Your laugh and smile are contagious. 

You are loving your baby food now and love being able to feed yourself snacks (baby puffs & pinwheels). You are trying to clap and wave but haven't quite master them yet.  You go from laying down to sitting up all by yourself all the time.

You are pulling up on EVERYTHING. We moved your mattress down to the lowest level and a week later I came in to get you up from your nap and you where standing there holding on to the side of your crib and when you saw me you started smiling and jumping. And I love how much you love your big sister. You guys have so much fun together. If you hear her voice you look around trying to find her and then when you see her you get so excited and happy!

Due to your Evil Knievel ways (pulling up on everything) you have your first black eye.
Bottom Step = 1
Ryder = 0

You finally have enough hair for a Mohawk but I don't think you liked the look very much.
(Yes that is another ouchy by your ear. You are VERY close to getting a helmet to play in.) 

You are officially crawling, real crawling (no more army crawl) and you are getting fast. You know what you are not allowed to play with and the second one of those items are in your site you take off for it. Almost like you are daring us to get you before you get it. Your most favorite 'no-no' items are cords, the stairs and Paisley's toys.  You are so ornery!

(I love your rolls in this video and your tummy. Oh so cute!)
My only request for next month is to please start sleeping through the night again. These 2:00am feedings are not fun anymore. Don't get me wrong I love getting to cuddle with you but I think it is more just a routine now not hunger so we are going to start working on it.

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Clare said...

Happy 8 months and then some!! How fun, I can't believer how big he is-and so stinkin' handsome!