Thursday, February 17, 2011

After the week we have had...'s no wonder I have so much gray hair now!  Yes, I admitted it right here on my blog! I have WAY more gray hair than a 29 year old should have and I blame it all on these four!

Tuesday Night:
Paisley - When I picked Paisley up from Preschool she was in Time-Out for fighting. No, I am not kidding. She really got in trouble for PUNCHING a boy in her class. I guess they had a disagreement about where a toy belonged so they decided that punching each other might help the other one realize they were wrong...not quite how it works. Needless to say she is grounded again and we are working on ways to handle our anger. So far, five is NOT a fun age.
Ryder - He has decided that living on the edge is for him. He is now not only pulling up on EVERYTHING and walking around it but now he tries to pull things over. Example: He will pull up on the the ExerSauser then start pulling and shaking it until he knocks it over. Then he will look at me and smile real big and clap.  

Paisley- When I picked Paisley up from Preschool she was laying on a cot in the corner of the room with her cuddle blanket looking oh so sad (first thought in my head -what this time?).  Her teacher asked me if I had gotten her messages (I had not because I was at home all day on Wednesday). She told me that Paisley woke up from nap with a fever and because I didn't come to get her she laid there all afternoon. When we got home she just laid in bed not wanting to do anything because her tummy hurt and right before bed she got sick...all over her bed and the floor on the way to the bathroom.  Thank goodness Toby was home to help clean up the mess.  After her little tummy was empty she was able to go to sleep.
Ryder -He has decided that he doesn't like being confined. When he is awake in his crib he now tries to climb out. He holds on to the rail, stands on his tippy toes then pulls up to lean over the side. I dread the day I hear a thump from his room.

Thursday Morning:
Paisley - still had a fever of 103.4 and she got sick two more times before nap but had nothing left in her little tummy to get rid of (poor thing). After nap time she was able to eat a few crackers and drink a little water but an hour later she got sick again. At dinner she was able to keep a Pedialyte Popsicle down and as of 9:00pm she is in bed asleep with the fever down to 101.2. 
Ryder - Has started chasing the dogs. Doc does not like this new game so he will get up on the back of the couch to get out of Ryder reach. Oscar doesn't mind the new attention.  I feel like because Paisley is not doing much Ryder is trying to step up his game and give me a heart attack!

Tomorrow I will push the liquids more she doesn't end up in the hospital again for dehydration.

P.S. If my dogs keep peeing in the house I think I may lose it!


Stephanie said...

I feel you on the grey hairs!

Great to see you last night - let's make it a more regular thing, missy! :)

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