Friday, February 11, 2011

She Did WHAT?!

So today I had a message at work from Paisley's teacher.


As I dialed the number a million possibilities were going through my head of what could of happened. Well, it turns out that I am the parent of THAT kid. You know the one that got something stuck up her nose at school.

I guess at nap time Paisley decided that she would stick a bead up her nose and much to her surprise it got stuck. After a little bit of 'fishing' the bead was successfully removed at school (I do not think the teachers get paid enough to deal with this kind of stuff). I do believe this was a successful firsthand lessons learned experience for Miss Pie and one I don't think she will do again. 

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Like I said, at least it wasn't a popcorn kernel...Aunt Hollie....ENT's at an ER can be very expensive!
You are right though, that's one lesson learned the hard way....Miss Pie won't be doing that one again, but hmmm, I wonder what's next for the curious preschooler/my adorable 5 yr old granddaughter? Time will only tell!