Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ryder Update

What you missed in the world of Ryder:

He loves exploring new things!

He has also gotten sick twice this past month (he would get sick just as Paisley was getting better). The second round of sickness was RSV...sad little boy! But don't worry he is all better now.

 New Thing: How big is Ryder?
So BIG!!!
Yes Ryder, you are sooo BIG!!

This face totally sums Ryder up at this stage...ornery!
(Pay no attention to the mess in the background or boogies) 

 New Thing:
 Yes, that is correct! Ryder is climbing on everything!!!
If it is raised off the ground he sees it as an invitation to climb.

Semi-New Thing:  The Tongue
Ok, so this is not a super new thing. He has always stuck out his tongue but now (due to cutting more teeth) this is what it looks little puppy! 

For my Mommy File:
At Ryder's 9 month WCC
Weight: 20lbs 8oz = 49% 
Height: 29.5in = 85%
He is progressing developmentally where he should be for his age. YAY!! And his Doctor said it was time to start taking away the 3am bottle. So far, Ryder is winning this battle.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Paisley Update

What you have missed in the world of Paisley:

She has been sick not once but twice! Right now she is well (and fingers crossed she stays that way for a while).

Her favorite dinner (when she can keep it down) is still homemade pizza.   

She does crazy things when she thinks she needs a little more attention than what she is getting. Lately it has come in the form of odd poses and weird noises. Last week at Dillon's she hopped on one foot the whole time (no threat or bribe could get her to stop).
And she has been really clingy but I don't mind because I love cuddle time with my girl!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Real Life

I try to keep my blog as "Real" as possible.

I let you know when my kids are driving me crazy, my husband is being good (or bad), new projects I am tackling and anything else going on with our family.

Having said that I would like to explain my absence with a picture and a few words....

I struggle with bouts of depression from time to time.

Always have and probably always will.

Sometimes the depression gets so bad I need outside help to bring me back to 'normal' and other times I am able to help myself. For the last few months I have noticed a steady decline my attitude.  I felt like I was negative ALL THE TIME!!!  So I limited my interaction with family and friends and blogging (I didn't want to spread my negativity). 

So, there you have it, I have been pretty BITCHY lately but I am back (and will keep the bitching to a minimum-promise). Be back soon with more of what you missed this past month.