Friday, March 25, 2011

Real Life

I try to keep my blog as "Real" as possible.

I let you know when my kids are driving me crazy, my husband is being good (or bad), new projects I am tackling and anything else going on with our family.

Having said that I would like to explain my absence with a picture and a few words....

I struggle with bouts of depression from time to time.

Always have and probably always will.

Sometimes the depression gets so bad I need outside help to bring me back to 'normal' and other times I am able to help myself. For the last few months I have noticed a steady decline my attitude.  I felt like I was negative ALL THE TIME!!!  So I limited my interaction with family and friends and blogging (I didn't want to spread my negativity). 

So, there you have it, I have been pretty BITCHY lately but I am back (and will keep the bitching to a minimum-promise). Be back soon with more of what you missed this past month. 


starnes family said...

I can totally relate. If you'd like to see how, check my "favorites" tab and read "My Battle With Anxiety and Depression". Sad story. Life is hard!

Stephanie said...


Anonymous said...

I FINALLY found a doctor that helped me balance my hormones after years of suffering and a few years of anti-depression pills. (that didn't really help that much) Now I take progestorone cream and I'm content and happy without feeling fake. Look for hormone will change your life!!