Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ryder Update

What you missed in the world of Ryder:

He loves exploring new things!

He has also gotten sick twice this past month (he would get sick just as Paisley was getting better). The second round of sickness was RSV...sad little boy! But don't worry he is all better now.

 New Thing: How big is Ryder?
So BIG!!!
Yes Ryder, you are sooo BIG!!

This face totally sums Ryder up at this stage...ornery!
(Pay no attention to the mess in the background or boogies) 

 New Thing:
 Yes, that is correct! Ryder is climbing on everything!!!
If it is raised off the ground he sees it as an invitation to climb.

Semi-New Thing:  The Tongue
Ok, so this is not a super new thing. He has always stuck out his tongue but now (due to cutting more teeth) this is what it looks little puppy! 

For my Mommy File:
At Ryder's 9 month WCC
Weight: 20lbs 8oz = 49% 
Height: 29.5in = 85%
He is progressing developmentally where he should be for his age. YAY!! And his Doctor said it was time to start taking away the 3am bottle. So far, Ryder is winning this battle.


Val R said...

He is changing so much! Such a handsome boy =)

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