Wednesday, April 20, 2011


When you read “Burn” think Kelso, a-la ‘That 70’s Show’.

The Back Story:
On the way to drop Paisley off at Pre-school this morning the Cee-Lo song “Forget You” came on the radio.

The Conversation:
Paisley: Mom can you please turn this song up? I really really like it!

Me: (A little hesitant) Sure.

(I know, what you are thinking….What am I doing listening to THAT song with Paisley in the car. Well to be honest I am not sure but it was the version that says Forget you. So it isn’t that bad, right? Right?!)

Paisley: (Singing) mumble, mumble…. driving around town…mumble, mumble…. Forget you! OO, OO, OOO….mumble, mumble……Forget you! And forget her too!

Paisley: Mom, I think the guy that sings this is the same guy that was the voice of Louis the alligator.

Me: Louis the alligator? I’m confused, who are you talking about?

Paisley: (Sigh/roll of the eyes) Mom, he is the alligator on Princess and the Frog, remember?

Me: (Thinking/listening to Cee-Lo’s voice) Yeah, I guess they do sound alike.

Paisley: (Sigh/roll of the eyes) Duh, they sound alike because they are the SAME person!

(Obviously annoyed with my inability to keep up on the conversation and know the facts – facts according to Paisley that is)

Paisley: Mom, I thought that mom’s and dad’s know everything so how come you don’t know stuff all the time?

Me: (Shaking my head and smiling) Well, I guess that is what happens when you don’t go to college.

(I decided to take a chance and plant a seed)

Paisley: Well, I want to go to college so I can be smart like Dad! (Said as she folded her arms across her chest and looked out the window.)

I would like to remind you that Toby did not go to college either. So somehow Toby appears smarter to Paisley than I do. And that my friend is how my five year old successfully burnt me in less than five minutes on our drive in this morning.


Clare said...

Seriously Laughing so hard at this!!!!!!!!! Way to plant the seed too.
What did Toby think?

Sarah O'Brien said...

Hi, I'm Sarah

Love your blog! Come visit mine? :)