Friday, April 8, 2011

The Next Step

So the next step on the path of me getting better/finding peace/being happy is quitting my job!

That's correct, I am doing it. After almost 7 years with the Secretary of State's office I am leaving (for a second time - first time was after Paisley was born and it only lasted 6 months). 

My last day will be June 3rd and I can't wait!!
I have a game plan this time to help me be a successful stay at home mom. I have a support system here in town to help when I feel like I am losing my mind, resources for free activities, and plans for a fun play area at the house.  (More on the play area later -I hope Toby doesn't read this post because my play area project is planned for one of his up coming work trips.) Oh, how I LOVE surprise projects!    


Just Me said...

sometimes quitting is the only resort. good luck

Scott said...

Wow! BIg news, though I appear to be late to the party. GOOD LUCK!

Stephanie said...

YES!!!!!!! That is such great news - I'm so happy for you!! That place = no bueno! :)