Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Crazy Storm

After Ryder's party we were smack in the middle of a crazy storm.  We (my sister, her family, mom and step-dad) were sitting around visiting when it started to rain.  Then the rain turned into hail. 

The hail started out quarter size then turned to golf ball size.
Then all of a sudden it was baseball size.     
The tornado siren started going off at some point during the hail so my mom & I took the kids down to the basement while everyone else watched the storm.  Poor Avrey was so scared, I think she might not want to visit us again. 

Toby was able to get a video with his phone of the wall/funnel cloud above our house (sorry the pictures isn't that clear). 

I think about the damage in Joplin and I am so thankful that this is all we got.   

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Dawn said...

I still don't understand why ALL men have to go outside and watch those things....haven't any of them seen the Wizard of Oz? Just was kinda crazy though and freaked the kids out!