Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

My Mother's Day Weekend
(Warning: There is a picture that might upset a few people - Sorry Mom and Grandma but this is what Mother's Day was like this year so don't be mad that I posted the picture)

Saturday = Girl's Day in KC 
We had lunch with a few ex co-workers. So much fun catching up and laughing. Girl time is so energizing! Followed by my hair appointment (leaving me with new lighter locks - that I LOVE)!

Then when I got home Toby, the kids and I went flower shopping.  I wanted to have everything at the house so Sunday we could stay home and plant flowers and have a relaxing day.    

So much for planning....Ryder woke up at 10pm and cried until 11pm. I am talking about the sad/I hurt/something is wrong/why won't you help me cry. Nothing we did helped ease his pain so I took him in to the ER (Toby stayed home with a sleeping Paisley).  After about five hours (and an x-ray) we found out that Ryder has a double ear infection and an upper respiratory infection.  Fingers crossed the meds help him (so far we have not noticed a change).

After our rough night/morning (and a little sleep) we were able to celebrate Mother's Day with a family tradition of planting flowers.

Yes, we need to finish mulching. It is on our 'To Do' list for next weekend.

Then Paisley gave me the gift she made at school. She was so proud of herself for spelling MOM by herself and she asked if I would put her spoon that she painted in my craft room.  So cute!!  (And yes, the spoon is on the shelf)

Ryder even perked up a bit to play. 

Oh, the joys of Motherhood!  This year I have experienced the highs and lows and everything in between all on one day.  But boy they are worth it!

P.S. Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you lots and lots!  And Happy Mother's Day to all of my mommy friends and family!  Hope you enjoyed your day!


Val R said...

Love the hair color!!

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh, so much to say here:

1. LOVE the hair! It looks awesome on you, sista! :)

2. It was wonderful to catch up - we definitely should make that at least a monthly thing! I miss my SOS girls!

3. Poor Ryder - hope he's feeling better!

4. Your kids are the cutest ever. EVER.

5. Happy belated Mother's Day!

Clare said...

Your hair is so cute!! That picture of Ryder on the deck (the profile shot) looks like Paisley-that's the first I have seen a resemblance between the two.

Glad your day turned out okay, and I hope Ryder is doing better.

Dawn said...

I love your hair also...good job you for doing something for yourself!
As for my sick babies...bad mommy for posting that picture of our crying broke my heart.
I'm so glad you guys took the mini trip...what good times and memories you all are making together!
Miss Pie is as beautiful as ever!
Can't wait to see them both at the birthday party! (wait a minute, I get to see them this weekend too!) yeah me!

Hermosa Makeup said...

I love your blog!! You're a great mom! Hope Ryder feels better!!!