Saturday, June 25, 2011

Less Drama

Trying to keep drama/stress at a minimum I have deleted my facebook account and it feels sooo good! 

Over the last few months whenever I would log on I would get all stressed out or mad at what some people where saying.  So I decided to take action and started deleting some of my "friends" that were making me CRAZY.  Then I started deleting the people I don't really talk to and then I realized that I had my list down to family and close friends that I already talk to by email, phone or text.  So the decision to delete the account seemed like a more logical step.  I hope now that I do not have the option to be on facebook I will have more time for my blog!

Anyone else getting to that point with facebook or is it just me?   


The Emory's said...

Rock On! Enjoy your newfound peace!

Clare said...

Nah, I just ignore the drama (or delete drama causers). A lot of people use Facebook rather than the blog to keep up with us.

I'm glad you will feel freedom from now on!! Enjoy!