Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Sleepover

Another first for Miss Paisley Pie; she hosted her very first non-family sleepover and she wanted Little Miss Kyndall to stay the night. To make sure the girls had a blast I did a little research in blogland for ideas of things to keep them busy.

This is how it went down: 1) We picked Kyndall up from preschool and visited with all of Paisley's old classmates. The volume in the class was through the roof when they saw her. 2) We had dinner at CiCi's (did you know that Tuesday night is kids night and they eat for 99 cents - score!). 3) Then we came home to play baseball and silly string outside.

4) Then we came in for a snack and bed time. The girls talked for about an hour before they finally fell asleep. 

5) Due to our late night we had a side of cranky with breakfast but it didn't last long because we were off to swim lessons and to play in the park.  After swim lessons we headed home to play a little more until lunch.  Then everyone had a much needed nap. 6) After everyone was rested we headed out to find more clues for our treasure hunt (more on this later) and ended up at the carousel in the park. The girls were so excited they said I was "The BEST!" 
7) Then we headed back home for a shaving cream fight. It took a little bit before the girls understood that it was ok to make a mess and then they went CRAZY!
Poor Ryder got caught in the crossfire.
8) We rounded out our day with fun in the sprinkler to wash off the shaving cream.

We had fun but EVERYONE is wiped out; early to bed and I think we might need to have a low key day at the house.  (Paisley is already planning her next sleepover and she has great ideas!  Rylee and Avrey watch out you are in for a treat.)


Stephanie said...

How fun! Can I have a sleepover at your house!?

Clare said...

LOL @ Stephanie!!

It does look like fun!!

We love shaving cream play at our house-$1 can from the dollar Tree = lotsa fun!

Anonymous said...

I want to be at that sleepover as well. Be nice to watch your daughter and her friend licking each others pussies. And OMG can you imagine how big my cock would look in their little hands?