Friday, June 24, 2011

Week Three

Finally.....a new post from me! 

We have been having so much fun with camping, crafts, swim lessons, field trips and naps for me to stop and blog.  But today while the kids nap I am making the time! 

Time with Nana
The end of week one was spent with Nana and Papa Bob.  Lucky for us Rylee and Avrey were also visiting so we had more people to visit with!

At Nana's we:
Helped in the garden

Had s'mores by the fire

    Slept in a tent under the stars (well, the girls and Nana did while Ryder and I enjoyed the AC)

      Played water games

        Made crafts

          Visited with "The Boys"


          Our time at Nana's is never boring!

          Family Fishing
          On one of the hottest days last week Toby decided it was time to go fishing as a family.  I am not a fan of fishing because I am not good at being still or quiet or patient but not wanting to take away from the kids I helped load the car with gear and off we went.  We didn't catch anything but still had fun.

          Yes, he is playing with a worm and LOVING it.  What a BOY!!


          Pool Time
          Last week we took the kids to the North pool and they had a blast!  Paisley was on the kids water slide almost the whole time and Ryder was splashing around in the shallow kids play area.

          Topeka Zoo
          On Tuesday the weather was WAY to nice to be spent indoors so after swim lessons we walked over to the Zoo. The animals were out and active and there wasn't very many people there yet so we enjoy every minute of our visit! Our favorite of the day was the orangutan (I think her name was Zoe). When we got to the exhibit the orangutan was sitting on a barrel right at the glass. When Zoe saw Ryder's cookie she kept pointing to it and holding out her hand. Paisley felt sorry for her so leaned into the glass to give Zoe a kiss and then Zoe leaned in and smash her lips on the glass. It was so funny (they did this a few more times). The sad thing is that I only had my phone so I only have a few pictures - none of the kiss. 

          After we were done playing with Zoe we went to see the gorillas in the walk through glass tunnel and saw this sign. Uh-oh, I hope this isn't as bad as it looks (and yes, the glass is shattered behind the sign)!

          Playing at the Park
          After the zoo we still had a little energy to burn so we played at the park for a bit!

          And by "We" had energy/played at the park I mean Paisley because as you can see Ryder was taking a little cat nap!

          Father's Day Weekend
          We took Toby to the Louisberg Cider Mill.  We did a little shopping and got a few new spice packs to try out, apple cider and donuts.  We are so excited to go back this fall and get more goodies and maybe a pumpkin!  On our way home we stopped at The Great Mall in Olathe to stretch our legs and let the kids run around. While at the mall we stopped at Zonkers (first time visit) and I have to say we had fun.  It wasn't very crowded and they had things for both Paisley and Ryder to enjoy. (Most of my pictures where blurry because they were moving so much.  These are the few that were not.)   

          Swim Lessons
          This week was the start of Paisley's swim lessons and she is LOVING them! I don't know what she likes more; the lessons or the break from Ryder and I. I hope by the end of summer she will be able to swim on her own (fingers crosses). After Paisley's lesson starts Ryder and I go for a 20 minute walk around the park and head back to watch the last 30 minutes of the lesson and play in the the dirt.


          starnes family said...

          What a fun update! Yall are living the life.

          Love gardening with kids....and those crafts are adorable!

          Val R said...

          Great post! =)